Known Wipr Issues

No need to report any of these, thanks!


A recent change on seems to circumvent Content Blockers. Note that this was not caused by a Wipr or macOS update.

This issue is being worked on in the upstream lists – if it’s fixable it’ll probably be fixed soon.

I haven’t been able to reproduce myself, but I’m hearing that signing out seems to help.

Big Sur

There’s a long-standing bug in macOS 11 “Big Sur” where Safari keeps “forgetting” about Content Blockers; even if everything is setup correctly, Wipr will have no effect on websites, including the Test Page.

The extensions will still appear in Safari’s Preferences under Extensions, and they will still be checked.

Some users report that keeping Wipr open in the Dock prevents this from happening (which definitely shouldn’t matter), other say a manual refresh fixes the issue temporarily.

Please complain to Apple, maybe they’ll fix it someday!

How Do I Report Other Wipr Issues?

Use Send Feedback. On macOS: launch the Wipr app, and you’ll find it in the menubar under Help. On iOS: launch the Wipr app and you’ll find it in the About Wipr screen. This includes debug information that I need in order to assist you. If you try to contact me otherwise, I will ask you to do this instead. If you absolutely cannot do this, please at least let me know.

If your issue is with the app itself (not a web page), and it’s not answered by the FAQ, this is all you need to know! Otherwise, read on.

Before contacting me, please make sure the issue persists with the most recent blocklist. Select Automatic Refresh in the app and it will let you know if it’s up to date.

Please also make sure that Content Blockers are enabled for the site and as a global default. On iOS: tap the aA button, select Website Settings, and make sure Use Content Blockers is on; then in the Settings app select Safari, then Content Blockers under SETTINGS FOR WEBSITES and make sure the switch next to All Websites or Other Websites is on. On macOS: select Safari from the menu bar, then Settings for This Website… and make sure that Enable content blockers is on; then in Safari’s Preferences, under Websites, Content Blockers, make sure that When visiting other websites is set to On.

Please be specific about what the issue is, and include a link to the page where you have encountered it. Screenshots are welcome!

Note that Wipr does not work inside other apps, only on web pages opened in Safari – so it will definitely not block any ads in, say, a YouTube app.

I don’t offer support for the old Extension Gallery version.

So to recap:

So help me, if you don’t include a link to a page where the issue occurs.

I probably won’t reply unless I need more info. Saying hi to everybody has been nice, but I’ve realized it’s an unsustainable time sink. If you get no reply, rest assured: I read every single report!

How Do I Report Issues in Other Apps?

Please first make sure you are running the latest version of both the app and iOS/macOS.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please contact me using the Send Feedback button you’ll find in the app itself. This will attach some additional information to your message, so I won’t have to ask you for it later. If that is not possible, please remember to tell me what device you’re using, and what app you’re talking about :)

Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible.

How Do I Contact You for Any Other Reason?

You can email me.