I make apps for humans.

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A little help for your brain.

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Binaural beats are sounds that can help you relax, sleep, meditate, or even concentrate on a hard task.


A look and feel designed to help you relax and enjoy the experience. Comes with virtual rain.


Binaural does the math for you. Just wear your headphones, choose a color, and hit play.


You can control Binaural via Control Center, the Lock Screen, or your headphones - with your eyes closed.

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It’s like Tinder™ for kanji!

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Just swipe left or right, and stay in the flow. Swaipu won't get in your way.


Swaipu contains 6 hand-crafted decks aimed at beginners, which you'll master in no time. Start small and you'll succeed!


19 kanji decks. JLPT N1 through N5, school grades 1 through 6, all Jōyō kanji… You name it.


Study in the order you prefer - you will never have to learn a kanji twice just because you switched decks.


One-tap integration with Nihongo - the best Japanese dictionary app - so you can lookup a ton of additional information for any kanji.

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Samplers used to be complex.

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100 samples, up to 30 seconds each. Straight from the mic.


Drum machine? Podcaster soundboard? Prank tool? You choose. One-shot or loop.


Precision trimming. Per-sample volume and pan controls.


AudioCopy/AudioPaste + iTunes File Sharing + General Pasteboard.

Get on the bus

Stream live audio directly to other Audiobus compatible apps, or record from them.


Samples shines on stage, with its dark high contrast UI, reliability, and low latency.

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Broadcatching made easy.

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Never miss an episode

Catch is the easiest way to use ShowRSS on OS X. It'll take care of everything. New shows will be downloaded as they are released.


Runs in the menubar, and won't slow your Mac down one bit. Notification Center notifications are optional.


You can make Catch sleep at night (or at work, or whenever) + organize your torrents in folders + use your favorite BitTorrent client + update itself.


Speaks 11 languages, and you can add your own very easily.


Free. For Mac.

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9 Digits

By Ivonne Engemann and Marcus Wagner.

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I helped the great folks at redesign their incredible Sudoku app - by far the best in the App Store. It also supports X-Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, and MathDoku - with hundreds of puzzles.

My favorite things about it are the mindbogglingly smart hint system, which actually helps you improve as a player, and the unique and very effective input system.

You can find more information at their website. Or, you know, you can get it right now (you should).

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